A 12 week programme and two fitness tests Starts 23rd January, 2019 

Price €25.00 per 6 Weeks 

Run in partnership with the Donegal Sports Partnership. 

Get your children exercising in a fun way.

This will include an assessment on Week 1 and Week 12



Group 1 : 4 -5pm - 5-7 Years old. 

Group 2    5-6pm 8-12 Years Old 



Multi Skills Programme Overview 

Multi-Skills Sports Hub is a programme of ten multi skills sessions for children aged between 6 and 12. The sessions are focused on developing the fundamentals of movement (agility, balance and co-ordination) and fundamental movement skills (running, jumping, throwing etc..). 

The aim of the programme is to develop the physical skills, confidence and motivation necessary for children to participate and remain in sport/physical activity throughout their lives. Sessions will be delivered by qualified coaches in a non-competitive, fun environment. The programme is suitable for all ability levels.  

Programme Structure 

·         The course will run for a duration of ten weeks concurrent with the primary school term 

·         The programme will consist of ten sessions, each lasting one hour, which will take place once a week. 

Programme Delivery 

·         The programme will be targeted at children aged as above.   

·         Sessions will be delivered by Donegal Sports Partnership coaches. 

·         The 10 sessions will be primarily focus on agility, balance and coordination in a fun, enjoyable environment. 

·         Sessions will take place in an indoor sports hall which is suitable for the intended programme sessions. 

·         In order to ensure programme quality, there will be a maximum ratio of 20 children to 1 instructor. 

Intended Programme Outcomes 

·         The programme will provide a safe, fun environment to participate in sport and physical activity, outside of mainstream sports.

       ·         Participants will have developed the fundamental movement skills required for participation in a wide range of sports and physical activity. 

·         Participants will make future positive decisions about their involvement in sports and physical activity.